1 min Candle lag for USDT_BTC on Poloniex




Current UTC time: 21:15

Timestamp of last candle: ‘2019-01-25T20:33:00Z’

Am i calling something wrong? Im experiencing similar issues with USDT_ETH


I’m seeing large gaps in time between trades directly from poloniex:


For example, the time frame you mentioned:

"globalTradeID": 406695474,
"tradeID": 26396138,
"date": "2019-01-25 20:57:10",
"type": "buy",
"rate": "3558.55222000",
"amount": "0.05000000",
"total": "177.92761100"
"globalTradeID": 406694817,
"tradeID": 26396137,
"date": "2019-01-25 20:33:22",
"type": "buy",
"rate": "3553.37322673",
"amount": "0.00106225",
"total": "3.77457071"

Perhaps they had an infrastructure issue? Although I don’t see anything on their status page.


Ahh ok, thanks!

If only there were a status page for all top exchanges to monitor when their data has gone bad. Would probably save nomics a lot of support headaches in the future as well.


Yup, we want to build that some day :slight_smile: