Aggregated OHLCV Candles return data errors

I’m currently pulling data from the /candles endpoint. I pulled the earliest known data from BTC using a start date of 2011-01-01 as nomics will simply return the first (inception)timestamp available which is 2011-08-17. I get back as the first object in the list with a timestamp of 2011-08-18 containing 2011-08-17 OHLCV data. I verified this by using the nomics website and checking the historical tab for BTC which shows BTC on 2011-08-17 at a closing price of 10.9. Whereas I get the first timestamp in my return data as 2011-08-18 with a closing of 10.9 as opposed to 11.69 as shown on the site. Any thoughts?


The Nomics website is converting the time from UTC to your local timezone. The API is reporting the times in UTC.

@nrg Appreciate the fast response. After going back and looking at the chart you provide the historical data against I see my error. Thanks!