API returns limited Market prices

We are trying to get all the prices for the exchanges on the particular coin, but when I test them I see only limited exchanges are returned. For example DAI only returns Ethfinex, and PAX does not include Binance. What happened to the missing market prices?


Hi, sorry for the confusion here, we need to update our docs. We have two endpoints that return prices for individual markets in the API:

  1. Market Prices
  2. Exchange Market Prices

Market Prices is converted to USD and only includes markets with quote currencies that are used as part of our Pricing Methodology in order to convert to USD. This means only markets quoted in fiat, BTC, and ETH are returned, because those are the only ones we currently convert to USD for normalization.

Exchange Market Prices includes all markets, but does not convert currency values. All prices are in the quote currency, and volumes are in the base currency. You can see that this includes all the markets you’re looking for: