API throttling when paginating through currency ticker calls

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using your API to get price data and wanted to ask the best way to achieve my use-case (current price of all currencies).
I had been calling the /v1/currencies/ticker endpoint to get price information on all currencies. It seems over the weekend pagination was added limiting the results to 100 listings per page.
This morning I updated my script to make multiple requests iteratively using the page and per-page params and also X-Pagination-Total-Items response header as per the docs here (API Documentation | Nomics). This worked once or twice, but doesn’t work consistently (or at all now) as I seem to get a 429 throttling response.
What do you recommend? Should I space my requests out more or? At present I only make a subsequent request when the first one completes. To get all ~5100 currencies it takes about 60 seconds. So I would guess I am making an API call (~52) every ~1.2 seconds.

Thanks for the great API,

If you simply remove page and per-page you will get all the currencies in your response.

Hi Nick, thanks for this. That indeed resolved it. My mistake had been to initially set per-page to 5000 (a month ago when I started to periodically run this script). As I hadn’t changed that I’d assumed pagination was introduced.
Thanks again.