Asset price at specific time and date

I want to know the price of LINK in USD at 21.36.00 UTC on 10 June 2020.

Is this possible? I fear not.

I have tried

which returns:

this is exactly what I want but at the precise time I need.

So I tried:
which returns nothing.
It seems only to cover a 24 hour period.

Please can you help me get the price at a very specific time?


Hi Hector,

On the commercial API you can get down to the hour historically via this endpoint:

If you know the market you are interested in, you can go down to the minute with this endpoint:

For example, you may want to select a few exchanges and market pairs like Binance LINK/USDT, Coinbase Pro LINK/USD and Kraken LINK/USD, get the minute level data, and do your own volume weighted average.

Again, this level of detail is only available on a commercial plan. If you are interested, you can contact sales here: