Big price difference between coinparika and nomics

The price of ZET is 0.001 on coinpaprika, but 0.0002 on nomics (1/5), from the same trades on the same exchange (AtomicDEX)

(paprika screenshot in next post)

Looks to me like the calculation is done differently, coinpaprika prices ZET, even if the pair is shown as USDT/ZET (instead of ZET/USDT), while nomics prices USDT on a USDT/ZET pair.

The result can be seen on the USDT page too:
(screenshot in next post)
price of USDT is 0.17$ on AtomicDEX on that pair.

Question: can this be changed, so that on the ZET page (ZET - Zetacoin Exchange Markets, Crypto Trading Pairs, Volume & Prices | Nomics) ZET is priced even if pair is returned as USDT/ZET from the exchange? Same applies to the price returned by the API call.


We do price USDT/ZET in an “inverted” fashion so we are pricing the way you’d expect.

The actual issue here is that there’s so little volume that the markets being used are very volatile.

If there are any markets we’re missing here, especially with more volume or liquidity let me know and we can add them to help stabilize the price.

I fear the problem with the inverted pairs is real and has the negative effects, just compare TKL on nomics and coinpaprika.

Price on nomics is 0.78 because price on Dex-Trade is 0.78 and the price from AtomicDEX on nomics is following that price (because pair on Dex-Trade is TKL/BTC while the ones on AtomicDEX are mostly XXX/TKL). The volume does not seem to matter, Dex-Trade has only 70$ while AtomicDEX has 20k. Real price on AtomicDEX is 0.06x, like on coinpaprika, as seen on the TKL/ZEC pair on AtomicDEX (the only pair on AtomicDEX by that time that is as TKL/xxx, not xxx/TKL).

Hi, you’re right that our prices are incorrect here, and we’re investigating immediately.

It is not because of the direction of the pair, that is irrelevant for our pricing methodology, however it does affect how the price is displayed in this table. All pairs with XXX/TKL will be displayed as the top-of-the-page price even though they are used correctly during pricing.

Instead, we believe this to be a weighting issue between the BUSD, BNB, and KMD markets being incorrect.

We will respond soon with a resolution. Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention.

OK, this has been resolved. The price is still not going to be very solid just due to the low volume, low frequency of updates, and high volatility on these markets.

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

Same here:

The price of MCL is indeed 0.029 on Safetrade, but it is 0.017 on AtomicDEX, idk why nomics shows the price as 0.029 on AtomicDEX too.

Thanks, resolved as well. We are preferring the BTC and USDT markets over KMD. We’re working towards using all of them effectively.

Thanks. Yes, pairs with BTC have a much higher price impact then the ones with altcoins. It would help a lot if it would be changed a bit, since BTC on a DEX is a bit problematic anyway because of the high txfees and slow blocks of 10 minutes (except when using lightning), so other pairs are preferred there.

Yup! We’re working on making this more robust with more market coverage. Thanks for bringing these issues to us as you see them, we appreciate it.

Greetings - I represent the Zetacoin project.
We recently migrated to a PoW/PoS chain, and neither YoBit nor CoinEgg responded to our call to upgrade the code. Consequently, their wallets are basically outdated / invalid, and prices are currently 100% fictional.
The only reliable exchanges that actually have ACCURATE pricing data in their API are: AtomicDEX, FreiExchange, FreiXLite, and Unnamed.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this issue!
Regards & Thanks,
Stan / EWMCI

Here’s the new repo: GitHub - WikiMin3R/ZetacoinE: This is the official repository for Zetacoin - New Edition - Updated and maintained by EWMCI, LLC. Major upgrade included transition to Scrypt (Hybrid PoW + PoS) from SHA256 (PoW only).
The old code is unacceptably susceptible to 51% attacks and has dangerously high risk of unintended forks
Here’s our community Discord: Zetacoin

Stan / EWMCI

Hi Stan,

This is not the appropriate thread to request updates to your asset. Please open a new topic.