BTC All Time High


in the currencies call:

It shows an ATH for BTC of 24,436.295… on 1/5/2018 - while there is a lot of dispute over the BTC ATH - no one else shows it above 20,000 - is the price you have correct and if so where did it come from? - thanks



Hi @KRY,

We report our highs based on the individual exchange and pair on that exchange that has the highest price. We don’t average the all time high across exchanges and markets. So, we show the truly highest point that an asset ever reached on any exchange.

In BTC’s case, this was on Bithumb. You can see the exchange and market of the high on BTC’s page:

If you take a look at the candle data for Bithumb’s BTC/KRW pair, you can see that for a couple days it was over 25m KRW, which is roughly $24k:

You can get the exchange, quote currency, and date of the high from our All Time Highs Endpoint:

Hope that clears things up.