It appears that the BTC-USD (1M & 5M) market on Coinbase Pro is returning an empty array and has been for over 24 hours. All the other markets on CB Pro seem to be just fine. I thought I would bring this to your attention if it hasn’t been already. Endpoint examples:

Response: []

Response: []

Also, I assume this is the correct category to post defect reports? Please let me know if a different category would be better. Maybe The API category can be split into a two – ‘general’ and ‘defects’? Just a thought! Thanks.



This is the right category. Pretty sure this is probably a documentation UX bug, not a technical bug. @txt would you mind looking into this?


@dtravas We are experiencing a lag in the Coinbase/GDAX BTC-USD candles right now that we are looking into. We’ll reply here when this has been resolved. Thanks for identifying this!


Yup - no problem! Let me know if you need anymore information.


Sorry, @dtravas … didn’t see that this was from you. As one of our earliest users, I should have known that this would be real and not just someone improperly making the call. Thanks for the heads up.


No worries clay :slight_smile: Liking the new forum. I will try to be as helpful as I can.


Thanks @dtravas … I really appreciate this.

BTW, I like your suggestion of creating categories for bug reports, etc. I can create sub-categories, so I’ll create a few under API.

Speaking of which, I created a “show and tell” sub-category for products/projects/etc. made using the API. Would be cool if you wrote up a few sentences there and shared the link to your website. Not sure how much SEO juice these links have, but it would be a nice way to share.

See here:


Sweet Clay! Gotta shill to pay the bills.

I will certainly throw something on there later today. Much appreciated.


Just a quick update here. The issue has been identified and we are in the process of backfilling the missing candle data for BTC-USD. No other market appears to have been affected but we’ll keep an eye on it and report back here when the backfill is complete. Cheers!


@dtravas Backfilling for these candles has completed for both 5m and 1m candle sizes. Apologies for the inconvenience!


@txt Thanks! Not a problem, I noticed the BTC-USD candles popping back up yesterday :slight_smile:

Glad you guys were able to identify the issue quickly!