Candle data on the free plan


In the API docs I see that the exchange OHLCV data is for paid plans only; I’ve tried calling the OHLCV endpoint with my free key and it didn’t work.

In past threads on this forum I’ve seen that users were able to access this data using the free plan, did this change in the meantime or am I doing something wrong?



That’s correct. 8 months ago we moved aggregated candles into the paid plan. If you’re interested in the paid plan we can set you up with a trial so you can see if our data would work well for you and your project.

Nick Gauthier
CTO @ Nomics

Thank you for the quick reply! Can I apply through the normal form for a trial? My trading app is not released yet but I’m very close to beta so I’d like to see if your service works for me.

Yes, that would be great, thank you!