Can't get more than 100 coins from /v1/currencies/ticker

We were running into the same throttling problem that this person ran into here: API throttling when paginating through currency ticker calls

Attempted the same logic, pass in a page number to get just the top 300-500 coins, however over time the Free plan threw 500s at us.

@nrg posted this fix: API throttling when paginating through currency ticker calls - #2 by nrg

If you simply remove page and per-page you will get all the currencies in your response.

So we removed both page and per-page

However we still only get 100 coins. Has this endpoint been modified? Is there another way to get all coins or even just the top 1000 coins in 1 call?

const coinsArr = await axios.get(`${NOMICS_KEY}&interval=1d,30d&sort=rank`)

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.42.39 PM

The free plan is limited to a max of 100 coins at a time. That was not the case one year ago when I posted that reply.

If you post the 500 error body text I can help diagnose what you’re doing wrong.

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Thanks nrg! Got it, will try for the combined promises approach again.

@nrg just re-ran with the multiple promises, didn’t get a 500 this time, but got sent back this:

data: 'Your plan has a rate limit of 1RPS, but you are hitting us at 2RPS.  After exceeding a 30% overage buffer, your key is temporarily disabled for 60 seconds.  It will be automatically re-enabled at 2022-08-05T04:54:07.058744827Z.  If you have further questions, please contact us at\n'

We went ahead and submitted a paid plan request, would love to get on a call and discuss more too. What we get access too, any rate limits etc etc. (

Great. We’ll be in touch via email.

Hi @nrg our plan is upgraded now, however when we hit this endpoint we still only get 100 coins, not all of them, we would like to get all the coins in 1 request.

const coinsArr = await axios.get(`${NOMICS_KEY}&interval=1d,30d&sort=rank`)

Hi Leon,

First off, since you are a customer you can now email and you will get priority support.

Second, pagination is required on this endpoint. A paid plan allows you to request much more quickly. Most plans have a limit of 100 requests per second. This means instead of getting one page per second you can now get 100 pages per second, which is 10,000 assets. This means it will only take a few seconds to get current values for all of our active assets.

These limits are documented here:

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