Can't Retrieve currencies except ETH

Hello, I would like to view BTC and XRP currencies in my response message. But the problem is , when I change “currency=ETH” into “currency=BTC”, I get a null [ ] response. ETH currency is working but, why I can’t see XRP and BTC?

My sample request format for Autocode message system: * my key *&ids=BTC,ETH,XRP&interval=1h,1d&convert=USD&platform-currency=BTC&per-page=100&page=1

When you set platform-currency=BTC you are saying “show me all the tokens that exist on the BTC blockchain” but there are none. I think you should remove the platform-currency field and use the ids field to describe the currencies you are interested in.

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Thank you very much, I didn’t think about this earlier.