Can't retrieve price for MNET

Hi there!

I tried retrieving current price for MNET from the API but there’s no price received (transparent ohlcv returns none) and the open high low close prices here are wrong.

Here is the result from the code (used the github python wrapper’s function). I tested the code with other tickers (eg BTC, ETH, AVAX, ULAND) and it retrieves the correct price so I’m sure it’s not the fault of the code.

However, for the coin MNET it’s retrieving none and wrong prices though it’s available on nomics website? Not sure what’s the issue :confused:

Please help thank you!


Can you please provide the HTTP API URL you are using? We don’t provide support for community libraries. But if you send me the direct URL I can help.

Hey there, thanks for the quick response!

I figured out the issue, nomics saved the directory of the coin mnet as mnet2 instead of mnet (not exactly sure why).

In any case, here’s the api URL

Is it possible to search coins by their currency address instead of symbol?

Ah, glad you sorted it out. MNET is actually the MINE Network which started before MetaNet and thus got the first identifier.

How can we circumvent this issue? Would be great if we could search by contract address instead of ticker symbol since this creates massive confusion.

You can’t search by contract address, but you can fetch all asset symbols with contract address and then search on your side via Currencies Metadata:

See the platform_currency_id and platform_contract_address fields.