Circulating supply from block explorers has the circulating supply for many coins and it can be queried with an API call like I wonder if that could be implemented on nomics, so that coins like IL8P $IL8P - InfiniLooP Price, Charts, All-Time High, Volume & Markets - In USD, EUR, CNY etc. | Nomics (that have this explorer already linked in their About tab) would automatically use and show it.

Thanks for the suggestion. We require first-party confirmation of supply and market cap data. In this case, it would be communication and confirmation from the InfiniLooP team.

Greetings - This is Stan from EWMCI… we run the project (InfiniLooP) and I can confirm that the supply currently listed on is correct.

Looking forward to the updated supply / market cap data.
Stan / EWMCI

In order to list your supply and market cap data, please complete the following form:

The more accurately and thoroughly you complete this form the first time, the faster we can get this data added. Thanks!

Hi - I did submit all of the required information. I believe this is the second time I submitted (re-submitted) this info. Our market cap / total supply information was not requested in the typeform.

Here is the API link to our accurate coin supply:

Thanks. We have three records of communication from you via TypeForm and our support email system. One from November 08 where we replied to you and never heard back. One from November 28th where we listed InfiniLooP and replied to you and never heard back. Another from 10 minutes ago which we are currently processing.

I expect your email provider is not accepting our messages. Looks like you’re using a custom email domain. I would check your spam folder and mail filtering options, or use a different email address.

I do not yet see a submission to the form I posted above, which is different and specifically for Circulating Supply and Market Cap.

Good afternoon. SkeinCurrency coin. Tell me how to add the circulating volume of coins so that the capitalization is displayed. We currently have 7,067,080 SKC. The total future issue is 21,000,000 SKC. If you need additional data, I will definitely provide it.