Coins missing or not filled in


I have started using an api to fetch Binance coin market caps and got some surprises on the results.

This API :,30d&convert=EUR&per-page=100&page=1 (to last)

Binance lists 348 coins.paired with USDT
The Noemics API returns 309 coins of this , 80 of which have a market cap = 0.
40 Binance coins are missing from Nomics.
In total, 154 parts are not filled. (44%).

Do you have any suggestions for improving this?
Thanks for your help.


Do you mean market cap of the asset or do you mean volume of the market?

To add a market cap for an asset we need confirmation from the asset’s team on their methodologies and circulating supply data, unless they have made that information publicly available.

Circulating supply data isn’t something that can be added automatically, it always requires human verification and judgement.

This deep dive on HEX covers a lot of our market cap methodologies:

Thank you for your reply.
I’m talking about marketcaps.
I understand your constraints and that the published data are verified and reliables.
This is very useful for me.