Connection problem to the API

I rent a vps from contabo and I would like to use this api. I have an API key and it works fine on my local machine located in Hungary. The vps is located in Germany.
Error (I’m trying to access it using aiohttp in python): Cannot connect to host ssl:default [Temporary failure in name resolution]

I’m looking forward to the replies.

Hi Aron,

It sounds like your VPS is having DNS resolution errors. Can you run an nslookup and paste the output?

$ nslookup

And you can also try a curl:

$ curl -v

Thank you for the reply, I’ll attach here the result.

I don’t know if this is fine or not, but I still can’t make a request using aiohttp.

Update: Now the problem somehow solved :smiley:

Thank you for the help.

Great! The nslookup and curl looked fine, so I’m not sure why the library wasn’t working. Glad it’s working now.