Correspondence table of symbol and official name


I appreciate the provision of a great API.
However, I can not find a correspondence table of symbol and official name 1: 1.
Example: XMR: monero, RDN: Raiden_Network_Token.
Where is it?

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Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Apparently, this question was stuck in the approval queue. We’re new to this forum software so you should hear back from us much sooner in the future.

Regarding this . . .

The answer is that we don’t yet provide this metadata. It’s coming this month (or next month at the latest) but we don’t currently provide token name. Stay tuned… this isn’t too far off, and it’s a much requested feature.

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Is it possible to post a file here? I created a .json file that does this. Wouldn’t mind sharing it.

I took the currency symbol and then added the name used on

{ "BTC": { "name": "Bitcoin" }, "ETH": { "name": Ethereum }, ... }


It is absolutely possible to attach a file.

Thank you for making this contribution.

There’s an upload icon present while creating a post. I just turned on the ability to add JSON, CSV, TXT, files, as well as several images types. Any other file extensions I should enable for upload?


Awesome. Found the button. But it looks like new users can’t upload files just yet.

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Sorry about this! These forums are new to us. You can now upload files.


Cool. Here’s the file and I’m constantly updating it. I have a console.log in a service file which let’s me know when there’s a currency symbol not listed in this file so I can update it.

api-names.json (43.8 KB)

(Hope nobody minds but I’m updating this file periodically. I’m not removing anything… just adding.)


Thank you very much!

How to get Currency Names?

Yeah, this is great. Thank you.


Ah cool, I just posted a question about this: How to get Currency Names?

So full names are coming! :smiley: this is great news!

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Yup! BTW are you using us at ?


No, only using the Nomics API on the refactor. has created their own market and prices, I didn’t see any 3rd party APIs for price data.


I created a github repo for this so you can pull the latest json.