Cryptocurrencies Endpoints

I want to call the ‘currencies ticker’ endpoint for multiple coins at the same time with the interval ‘1d’.

E.g. My URL endpoint is ‘,ETH,BNB,DOGE,ADA,XRP,USDT,DOT,BCH,LTC&interval=1d
like this. Now I want the JSON data of these coins in the same order as I have mentioned in the URL.

But after calling the same URL, it doesn’t come in the same order.
It comes in the highest market_cap sorted order.

Correct. Order cannot be guaranteed, you will need to sort it yourself.

But how can I sort it???

Please do yourself a favour and stay out of the Crypto market

Seriously if you have to ask how you sort a list of data items you are not ready

You will be a lamb to the slaughter

Take a programming course first please !