Cryptocurrencies Endpoints

I want to call the ‘currencies ticker’ endpoint for multiple coins at the same time with the interval ‘1d’.

E.g. My URL endpoint is ‘,ETH,BNB,DOGE,ADA,XRP,USDT,DOT,BCH,LTC&interval=1d
like this. Now I want the JSON data of these coins in the same order as I have mentioned in the URL.

But after calling the same URL, it doesn’t come in the same order.
It comes in the highest market_cap sorted order.

Correct. Order cannot be guaranteed, you will need to sort it yourself.

But how can I sort it???

Please do yourself a favour and stay out of the Crypto market

Seriously if you have to ask how you sort a list of data items you are not ready

You will be a lamb to the slaughter

Take a programming course first please !

I honestly do not know either. However, the response tyou got was very rude.

Hello, the user above with the rude response has been suspended and may no longer post on these forums.

I can provide support on how to use the Nomics API, but Nomics does not provide support on specific programming languages and techniques.

I recommend posting something similar to a programming specific forum such as StackOverflow, and provide an example of the data you receive from Nomics, your code, and what you’re trying to achieve.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions about using Nomics APIs.