Currencies Ticker returns data for all currencies


Hi there - I am trying to use the API to return market information for specific tickers, but even when I apply the “quote-currency” filter, it doesn’t do it for just the one I called, but returns the entire universe. How do I fix this? Thank you!

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Hi @ChloeHo,

The quote-currency parameter will quote the response in the currency you provide. By default, all numbers are in USD. If you provide another currency, e.g. EUR or BTC, all numbers will be converted to EUR or BTC.

What you’re asking about is a currency filter to only respond with a single currency or list of currencies. This feature is planned but we don’t currently provide it.



Got it. So quote-currency refers to the currency of the values (market cap, price, etc). Which is the correct parameter to quote the ticker? I.e If I want to pull the market data for a specific crypto-currency.



Since we cannot automatically filter by currency, in your experience are your customers filtering manually?

Also, I’m trying to return a historical price rather than ‘current price’ (i.e. 30d) for currencies. What’s wrong with this call?


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Just to chime in here, yes our customers are filtering the currencies ticker manually at this time. However, as Nick said we’ll be adding more filtering options via query parameters in the future.

The query parameters for your example URL are correct, however they are pointing to the wrong endpoint. If you use them on the /currencies/ticker endpoint, you should get what you’re looking for.

Just note that quote-currency=USD is the default value so you wouldn’t need to provide it for that specific example.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




Thanks Tres!

Just to be super clear here: you can’t do this yet with our API, but we’re working on it.