Deserializing content with c#

I’m making get requests to receive ticker info and I have the interval set to return 1d,7d,30d. I have an object class in c# with variable names that match the name of all the fields returned by the API. The problem is that the info for 1d,7d,30d is all being set to null because I’m not able to name the variable names for those returns “1d”, “7d”, “30d”. Does anyone know of anyway around this issue?

Basically, C# doesn’t allow variable or class names to start with a number I don’t know how to deserialize the data for 1d,7d,30d

Hi Lemonster22,

Sorry for the inconvenience here. We’re aware of the shortcomings of this schema and plan to address it in a future version of the API. In the mean time, I think this may solve your problem:

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