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the BSC api for dodo, is Inactive and I am wondering what needs to be done to get it up and running again. DODO (BSC) Crypto Exchange - Volume, Market Prices & Listings, Trading Pairs | Nomics

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Hi thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of the issue and we’re working on repairing the integration.

ANy update on this problim ?

Due to the fact that Dodo has dramatically reduced data availability on their API, it’s going to take some time to reinstate the data. Their transparency grade will also probably be reduced.

Should I reach out to them to see if they will increase data availability on their API ?

If they can email so we can get in touch with them that would help.

I ask them to contact you. A quick question. When I do a trade on our pair ILN/PAXG on Polygon it does not impact the price or the date/time of last trade. Ilien (Polygon) Price, ILN Live Chart, All-Time High & Market Cap (USD) | Nomics. But if i trade ILN/USDC it does, is this correct ?

Right now our pricing algorithm is preferring the USDC path to pricing ILN, and not PAXG. We’re working on expanding this to be able to include more markets.

Appreciate you getting back to me, we are pushing to have PAXG to be the preffered price and will be offering rewards to trade this pair in the near future, if the amount of trades increase to a lot more than USDC will the algorithm switch to preferring the PAXG path to pricing ILN? Just trying to get my head around all.

No, it won’t switch over. The issue is that going through PAXG is too many “hops” from major currencies. We’re working on expanding the number of hops we can take and markets we can use.

cheers, any news on dodoex BSC ?

Chris-E-Young | from DODO CM will contact you cheers

Hi I am talking to dodoex and trying to get them to reach out to you. Can you tell me what they need to do to get there dodoex BSC active again ?

I am happy to work with both to get this sorted.

Kind Regards

Liam Rabbitt

They need to email and provide API documentation.

I have asked them to send you all. Here is the link to there API docs online. hoping this helps. Kind regards Liam

This is what I use to get our price. If thats helps

Sirash | DODO CM Today at 5:13 PM

Please tell them to contact us

I wish the 2 of you could chat I am sure it can be sorted quickly one both of you contact each other. Kind Regards Stuck in the middle Liam

I’ve contacted them.

I appreciate that.