endpoint exchange-rates data deviation


I’m wondering about the endpoint /exchange-rates:

  1. The endpoint currently returns less than 200 currencies.

  2. The given currencies are for the most part not listed in your

/currencies/ticker endpoint, for example the given currencies “AED”,

“AFN”, “AUD” …

Is this a bug? Or do I misunderstanding something?

Hi Marc,

According to the docs at https://docs.nomics.com/#tag/Exchange-Rates

The exchange rates endpoint returns the current exchange rates used by Nomics to convert prices from markets into USD. This contains Fiat currencies as well as a BTC and ETH quote prices. This endpoint helps normalize data across markets as well as to provide localization for users.

So, this is to convert prices from USD to other fiat currencies or BTC or ETH.

If you want to convert crypto to crypto, use the currency ticker’s convert option: