Exchange market ticker "type" filter not working


My goal is to only receive spot market data, by applying the “type” filter as documented in the API documentation:


Enum: “spot” “derivative”
Type by which to filter exchanges. If not provided, all exchanges are shown.

Example request:

First results:
“exchange”: “okex”,
“market”: “ETH-USDT-SWAP”,
"type": “derivative”,

As you see in the results, derivative types are not filtered out. The filter isn’t applied, this looks to be a bug in the API.

Could you please advise me on how to continue?

Best regards,

Hello, you have confused the Exchanges Ticker with the Exchange Markets Ticker.

the Exchanges Ticker has a type filter that will limit the list of Exchanges to those that have spot or derivative markets:

The Exchange Markets Ticker does not yet have this functionality. You will have to filter the results on your own in post-processing: