Extra charge for the service

Hi, i just got a bill of 370$ from you for a API key saying it was 1$ per month without telling nothing about the extra charge! And now i cant login ou unsuscribe nowhere from you’re Platform, and the API key i paid for 1$ is now 100% free on your website? Did i get scam by a copy of your website or what?

Hi there! Here’s the plans when you signed up:

As you can see, each plan comes with set number of calls. if you go over that number, there is an overage cost per 1k calls. You cannot make unlimited calls for $1/month, for example. We spell this out on the pricing page, on the sign up form, and on your receipts.

To see what your usage is, please use this API key: API Documentation | Nomics

Ok Alright it wasnt clear, i thought it was 1$ per month i didnt saw the extra charge costing me 300$ for a key i didnt even use… anyway i send a cancel request.