FIltering out inactive pairs


Is there any way to filter out inactive trading pairs? Your site lists both active and inactive pairs, but it would be helpful to be able to differentiate between them. When retrieving data for Binance, I get 718 records back, but there are currently only 597 active ones.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Tato,

The web site considers an asset active if it has activity within the past 24 hours. The API simply returns prices and their dates, to let you make your own judgement calls about what is active. We don’t currently have any filtering on the API based on those timestamps.

Thanks for the reply.
The problem is that activity is not exchange-specific. If volume or number of trades could be added to the markets endpoint, like it displays on the website, it would be possible to distinguish between dead and active pairs, without a judgement call or manual intervention.
Would this addition be possible?

Which endpoint are you using and what calls are you making? If you provide that, I can help you out more.

The website is built entirely with the public Nomics API, but as I noted before the website makes its own judgment calls on what active means. However, all the data it uses to make that call comes from the public Nomics API.

I am using[my_key]&exchange=binance
It returns 718 rows. According to the nomics site, there are currently only 597 active pairs on Binance. The rest are old pairs that have been deprecated.
The query only returns four fields (exchange, market, base, quote), and none of them can be used to filter out inactive pairs.
I hope this is the information you asked for.

Yes, thank you. The Markets endpoint returns all markets with information about the currencies that market trades. It doesn’t return any financial activity, it’s just for lookup purposes.

We have a newer and more powerful endpoint: Exchange Markets Ticker. This endpoint allows you to see a last_updated field which you can use to determine activity.

It doesn’t have a filter for activity, you would still have to do that yourself, but it does provide the date info so you can perform the filter.

Thanks for this.
Do I understand correctly that the Exchange Markets Ticker is only available to pay users?

Yes, that’s correct. If you’re interested in the paid plan, you can email