Free api for usage

Hi What is the free api available for usage
i was trying this as per the docs it is free api but it is also asking for key

Can someone please help out

You can get a free key here: Free Cryptocurrency & Market Data API (Historical & Real-Time Price, Exchange & Trade Data)

while clicking on send me my key it ask lot of details but dont get any key ?
is there any other or on the page something else mentioned ?

@nrg I sent out an email about this too, is the free plan gone again? How about this page where it still exist but with a different link that takes you to the 1000 usd plan

This is not the first time something is going with the free key… I am actively recommending it to people but I keep getting people getting back to me asking what is going on.

Could you please elaborate?

All free users will have received the following email announcing this change:

Dear Nomics Free API User:

After much thought, Nomics will be pausing our free API program for 60 days, starting this Friday, September 30th.

Our free API is heavily used and consumes considerable resources. We therefore need time to refactor our free API offering.

If you are a customer of our paid API, rest assured that we are as committed as ever to meeting your needs (indeed, the Nomics API is our primary source of revenue).

If you have any questions, please contact

If it helps nomics figure out next steps,
I would consider paying for a low-tier casual usage or metered / throttled option but commercial options is too much :slight_smile:

Hi Russ,

Please email We may be able to find a plan that works for you.