getExchangeCandles is not working on binance chain

API doc:

Here is the request url:<API_KEY>&interval=1h&base=BUSDBEP20&quote=USDTBEP20&start=2021-12-10T20:18:37.000Z&end=2021-12-21T08:18:37.000Z

Return Data:

I am his colleague.
We need Candle chart data for USDTBEP20 and BUSDBEP20

Please advice ASAP


There are two issues with your API request.

  1. Initially we have been mapping all BUSD markets to the core BUSD asset whose Nomics ID is BUSD
  2. The market candles endpoint is aggregating only over exact matches of the base and quote IDs

We have markets for USDTBEP20/BUSD so that is the ID combination you must use:

The markets/candles endpoint corresponds to this page on, which you can use to explore our coverage of pairs:

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@nrg Thanks for the reply

The issue we are facing is how to we get to know the token pair coverage in nomics API

For example,

  1. BUSD token pair coverage for candles values is USD and USDC only

  2. for UMBBEP20 is only UMBBEP20/BNB

Is there any nomics API we have to use?

Please guide us

Yes, the markets endpoint lists all markets and can be filtered by exchanges and asset IDs: