Global currency selector to control the data displayed in website


I am using Nomics API free plan.
In my website(built using WordPress – Php), we are displaying data from Nomics API in different sections on different pages of the website.

On the top of the website, we are planning to have a Currency selector. When we change the currency there, it should reflect in all the sections of the website where data is used from Nomics.

For Example: If I change from USD to BTC, Nomics data displayed on that page(in various sections using multiple API calls) should change the value based on the selected currency.

Is there a specific API call to control this globally or in what way we should approach this?

You can use the convert parameter supported on many API endpoints, like the currency ticker:

Thanks for the quick response.

For example, On the homepage, there are 4 sections where I am displaying Nomics API data using 4 API calls for displaying various data.

How does the changing of currency in one place reflects on those 4 sections which use 4 separate API calls?

So, whenever a user changes the currency from a select box in the website header, Should I again send all API calls used in that page again with the Convert parameter?

Yes that’s right. I can’t help you write you application, but if you need help using the API and making the API calls let me know which ones you are trying to make and what you’re trying to do, and I can help you make the right API call.

In Free plan vs paid plan, will there be any difference in response time in API calls?

Nope, it’s the same service. The only limits at this time are the endpoints you can access and the rate limits.