Global Market Cap

Hi team - I work for an investment firm and we are assessing whether to integrate your API. We’ve tried to reach out to you through several avenues. Could you kindly confirm the following points relating to global market cap data?

  1. We would like to query live data for global market cap at the end of each full hour. Can we do that live (i.e. query on the hour) or will we always experience a lag? Please let us know the best endpoint to minimise this lag.

  2. When using the historical data endpoint, we seem to get the global market cap data for the full hour only 30 minutes after the hour is over. Is there any way that we can reduce this delay?

  3. We are running into limits as to how much historical global market cap data we can retrieve through the API (on an hourly basis). Is there a way for us to query the entire history, beyond 2 days? We would consider other price plans if so.

Hello, these forums are the appropriate place to receive support for free or testing plans. For email or phone support you would need to purchase a paid plan.

Regarding your questions:

  1. You can get current values here: API Documentation | Nomics and historical values here: API Documentation | Nomics There’s always some delay for global data to ensure we have as much coverage and accuracy as possible. We do not have a “realtime” endpoint at this time.
  2. No, the historical endpoint is designed for historical data (not realtime) and the delay is to maximize accuracy.
  3. Yes, with a commercial plan: Plans to Grow With You

Thanks Nick, noted in terms of support avenues. On question #1 - what is the delay that we can expect? No timestamps are provided as far as I can see. This market is very volatile, so making sure that we have a sense of when the data was last updated is very valuable, otherwise harder to rely on it.

We don’t have a specific guarantee but as you’ve noted it is about 30 minutes for historical global market cap data.