Google sheets can't import data

I have been using google sheets IMPORTDATA() to help track my portfolio.
Lately the prices aren’t coming in and sheets says “Could not fetch url”
Could google sheets be abusing the free rate limit?
I have one tab import the prices and then VLOOKUP() elsewhere to avoid using the api in multiple places.
Thanks for any info.

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Can you provide the URL you are using with your api key removed?

Have you seen the other post " API endpoints not working?" Lots of people (including myself) are having an issue with the API within Google Sheets. Is this being addressed? I depend on it. I realize it’s free, but I’d be happy to pay for it if it meant priority support. Thanks.

For our most used endpoint (the currencies ticker) we now require the per-page argument. But without info about the URL of the call causing the problem, we cannot troubleshoot.

This is what i’m using: =IMPORTDATA(“******************************************&format=csv”)

For example URL shows the same error “You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.” 1 month ago everything was fine. Can you detect the problem? Thank you

Yes the URL I was using is like this:

I am having the same issue in the last few days, any solution? Thanks!

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alrighty then, getting some json import code from github. appreciate the free service, btw.

I was using the same call in google spreadsheets as per the image above but unfortunately, it’s not working anymore (same error). What can we replace the call with?

Hi there! Please use the currencies ticker endpoint instead. API Documentation | Nomics

Can you please advise how to use that to get, in google sheets, the complete list of tickers and prices?

Nothing fancy, just the same list as we used to get when using “=IMPORTDATA(“”)

I tried using “,ETH,XRP&attributes=id,name,logo_url” with my key but get Error Could not fetch url:

Thank you!

+1 to the above. I see the solution as:

" The prices endpoint has been deprecated for over a year and is no longer available on the free plan. Please use the currencies ticker endpoint instead: API Documentation | Nomics "

but I still can’t figure out how to enable this in google sheets directly. Can someone help paste the actual formula here?

the correct call would be:


However, this will not work since it’s a JSON format and they offer no format function on this super important free query… I hope they change that :slight_smile:

You have to go to github and get a free script to import the JSON data as csv (I used this: import_json_appsscript.js · GitHub)

Then you load this function into your Google App Script (Extension > App Script). Save it, and run.

Now you are able to call a new function in your cells: =importJSON()

=ImportJSON(“,30d&per-page=100&page=1”) and it works for ONLY the 1st 100 tickers.

If you want only custom tickers (BTC, ETH for example), change to:


Then you call the values where you want them to show with a vlookup() function.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for this solution! I’ve marked it as the solution and I am closing this thread.