Hi, I'm Clay, Co-Founder Here at Nomics


Hi, I’m Clay.

I’m a co-founder here at Nomics.

I produce a podcast for institutional crypto investors which can be found here. As well as a daily podcast about Nomics which can be found here.

Before co-founding Nomics, I was the CEO of Leadpages and helped drive growth to over 48K paying customers (and 175 employees), led the company’s acquisition of Drip, and raised $38M in venture capital financing.


Hey Clay, Im Paradox and I really like what you guys are doing over there at Nomics. We should partner up! Im open to pretty much anything! Shoot me an email and let me know.

Ha, sorry, hopefully you got the joke. Obviously I am a fan of your audio journal updates. I wanted to show my support by posting on your NEW forum discussion area. You’ve made the right move, away from telegram that is. Ive never thought the platform was useful. Didnt they try an ICO? Madness!

Im now a Nomics community member, and it looks like the first one to post. Is that a badge? Or some type of achievement? It should be. I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness Clay, I immensely enjoy both podcasts. The flippening is slammed with insightful and valuable information into areas of crypto that aren’t readily available to an average retail enthusiast. I look forward to listening to each and every episode. Thank you for spending your time and energy creating that content and giving to the world, for free. The Nomics Update is an excellent look into how the mind of a CEO works. The brevity and frequency of that podcast is ideal.

So, Hi, Im here, Im listening and absorbing all your putting out. Thanks again sir.



Hi Paradox! Thank you so much for the kind words and for being the first external poster here.

So glad that you like the podcasts. Do you have a preference for one vs. the other? (Flippening vs. Nomics Update)?

Would you be open to leaving a review on iTunes (preferred), Stitcher, or Google Play? I’d be so grateful for this. Nomics Update is especially in need of review on iTunes. No problem either way.

Anything you’d like me to address on the podcasts?

Warm regards,

P.S. Just curious: why do you go anonymous with your handle?


Hello Clay,

As far as which podcast I enjoy more, it’s difficult to compare them. They serve different purposes. The Flippening has far more ‘tangible’ fundamental information about the space. I’m a novice to financial markets in general, so everything you have covered thus far is new information and I’m just soaking it up like a sponge. You’ve interviewed some high profile, incredibly intelligent, well spoken individuals who gave their unique perspective on crypto, rendering those episodes priceless. In that sense the Flippening is crazy valuable to me personally. On the other hand, Nomics Update provides a real-time CEO stream-of-thought aspect to the fast paced world of a crypto startup. It must be therapeutic for you to record your thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis, while sharing them with the world. Seems like a win-win. So, I love them both, they both provide value.

I will happily write reviews for both podcasts on iTunes. Although Ive had trouble getting reviews to properly post in the past.

I would be interested in hearing more about infrastructure platforms that will promote Crypto adoption. You did a monthly proof of work podcast with Eric Meltzer back in September. Y’all discussed a project called Namebase
and Handshake. They sounded interesting to say the least. Id love to hear another episode with Eric to update the projects he’s got his eye on.

As far as the anonymity, honestly, I dont have a specific reason. I enjoy my privacy. Even though thats a naive concept in which to believe this day in age.

“In the future, people will aspire for their 15 minutes of privacy”-unknown

Keep doing what your doing. I firmly believe the way your structuring your company to be ideal. Efficiency, Honesty, Integrity will always be solid foundations to build a successful business on. Nomics will be THE source for crypto data.