Hourly Global Market Cap / Volume

These two end points:

Seem to only offer daily market cap / volume

I just want the last 30 days or so of global market cap and volume but in hourly intervals. Is this available?

Hi Dan,

Sorry this isn’t better documented. It’s actually ~ #3 on our list to update our global endpoints, they are quite old.

The “trick” is that if your start and end are less than 48 hours apart, you will get 1h intervals. So, for example, you can get one day at a time:



Ok cool finally got it.

I saw something like this in the forms and tried it, but the other critical undocumented information I needed is that you can only go back 30 max days for the hourly stuff, right?

Thats what tripped me up.

Yes, because it’s using our 1h candles to form the data, which have a 30 day history and are documented here: