How are you calculating your Sundaeswap volume?

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I’m trying to see if I can reproduce what you shown on this page using Cardano on-chain data. I viewed it on a dailt basis and took the period between 5th and 6th Sept as my case study. Yet I was unable to reproduce the numbers from lookinng at the on-chain data relating to Sundaeswap’s address (addr1w9qzpelu9hn45pefc0xr4ac4kdxeswq7pndul2vuj59u8tqaxdznu).

Any insights you can provide on how the volume is derived?

Hello, we use SundaeSwap’s GraphQL API. There’s information about it via GitHub:

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mm thanks … I took a look through but not seeing the API in question. There is this but that seems to be more for submitting transactions.

I believe we use the GraphQL API from If you load up their exchange you can see the queries in the network tab:

Thanks am taking a look. Last question from me (hopefully) - is the Nomics data showing just swaps/trades, and excluding the provision of liquidity into liquidity pools?

I’m asking as all my on-chain analysis indicates total volume to be higher than what is shown in the nomics charts.

Yes, only volume of swaps is counted.

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