How can I Use Nomic API in vb6?

thanks for nomic product(API).

there is 1 problem and 1 request,


when I want use your api in CMD.exe (command line for windows) , the ‘curl’ is unknown and return : ’

‘curl’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.’

I used this command for CMD.

curl “,ETH,XRP&interval=1d,30d&convert=EUR&per-page=100&page=1

what is the problem?


How can I use this API in VB6 or Excel VBA to grab informations?

Kind regards,


Hi Ali, curl is a Linux command, which is why it’s in the “bash” she’ll example.

I can’t help you with VB or Excel, we don’t have samples or demos for either.