How do i get the list of ids that are available in nomics?

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a free plan for now to see how it goes.

So your example:

curl ",ETH,XRP&interval=1d,30d&convert=EUR&platform-currency=ETH&per-page=100&page=1"

Works just fine, except there is no way to get lost of available ids anywhere in documentation. Therefore this free plan looks like a lie because there is no way you can consume it any reasonable way. You have to pay for accessing currencies endpoint to learn what ids are.

I hope I’m mistaken and there is some way to do so, otherwise as I said the free plan is fake because you just can do nothing without paying for additional endpoints.

Sorry if I’m a bit harsh since I’m just a bit irritated with guess-what-ids-this-token-has game I had to play today.

I myself interested in like 200 of top 400 currencies and I’m using coingecko which works perfectly but I hoped I can probably switch to your API since coingecko breaks sometimes.