How do you label the coins "dead" "inactive "active"


  1. Could you please give information about how do you label the coins (dead, active, inactive)?
    For exp. Is dead coin means there is no trade?

Does the labeling change when the parameters change? example; dead situation to active .

  1. Do you have the ids for the currency names (or tickers) as some curriencies have the same ticker? If yes where can ı find the list?

  2. What is transperency_(open, close, volume), platform contract etc. means? Do you have any documentation about the explaination of the column names for the API links datas.



  • Active: trading activity in the past 24h
  • Inactive: no activity in the past 24h
  • Dead: no activity in the past 365 days
  1. IDs are unique, but symbols are duplicated. This is the list: API Documentation | Nomics

  2. Transparent prices are based only on exchanges with an A grade. More info here: Nomics' Exchange Transparency Ratings (And The Correlation Between Transparency & Fake Volume, and Toxic Activity)