How frequently is list of markets updated?

Thanks for making such a useful API!

I have a question regarding updates of trading pairs on different exchanges. How often is it updated? For example, Binance delisted pair REP/BNB a month ago, but it’s present in your /markets endpoint.

Is there a way to determine that a pair has been delisted? There are also examples of pairs that have been listed a while ago, but are absent from your platform. What is the average time of adding such pairs?


We currently don’t indicate when markets go inactive via the API, but it is something we’re working on showing. Different exchanges indicate inactivity in different ways, some have a flag in the response, some remove the market from their api, and others keep the market but stop sending data.

We’re working on a way to normalize this so that you can tell if a market is inactive, but it is not released yet.

Nick Gauthier
CTO @ Nomics

Thank you for your response, it’s a lot clearer now!

And what about new markets? How quickly do they get added to Nomics API?

New markets are in our dataset daily, sometimes more frequently. Then, it’s a rolling process (usually daily) for the new markets to appear through the API and on