How fresh is "Trades" API endpoint?

Is Trades endpoint fresh enough to be useful for price alerts for day-traders? E.g. for my use case, a price lag of up to 3s is outstanding, up to 15s is still OK, and bigger than that is not so usable anymore.

If you look on the Nomics webpage, the prices are a few minutes old:


This varies exchange to exchange based on their rate limits. We target 60s as a goal and 41/50 exchanges meet that goal, and 30/50 exchanges are within 15 seconds.

What you’re seeing on is the result of using some of the “slower” API endpoints (in this case, the Exchange Markets Ticker) which updates every 10 seconds. Additionally, caches these pages for a minute.

If you access the /trades endpoint on the API directly, it is updated immediately upon receiving new data.

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