How to get a full list of IDs on the free plan

It appears from the documentation that we’re supposed to be able to get a full list of the currency IDs from this endpoint:

but when I request it, I get this message:

“You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.”

other endpoints in the documentation indicate that they are only supported by the paid plans, but this endpoint seems like it should be free.

How am I supposed to get a list of IDs to use with your API on the free plan?

I tried using the currencies/ticker endpoint but this will only return 100 currencies at a time, and when I attempt to iterate through the pages I get throttled because the free plan is limited to 1 call per second. If I delay the iteration 1 second every loop then it takes more than 5 minutes to build the list! This seems crazy. Am I missing something??

Thanks in advance!

Hi @libengan … thank you for the note. You can get a list of IDs with the currencies ticker endpoint.

When you first started using Nomics we had 5 or 10 times fewer currencies than we do today. As the number of currencies exploded it became more and more demanding for our systems to return the full list all at once. So, we introduced the per-page argument to help keep our API fast. This is why we also have very high rate limits (with the paid plans), so while you have to paginate you can still fetch this data fairly quickly, especially if you put more of a focus on fetching the top assets.

At this point, the full currencies ticker endpoint you’re talking about has just become extremely large. An “unlimited” currencies ticker currently sits at 34MB, which is just too much.

The free plan is still quite useful for looking at top assets. If you need to look at all 40,995 assets you’re better off with a paid plan.

Makes sense. How do you put that in url form for non-technical people like myself using this in Google Sheets? "=importdata("****&format=csv")" would become what?

Hi @cdc ,

Thank you for your response. I totally get the need for page argument for the Currencies Ticker endpoint - all that price data at 34MB would be taxing on the system to pull at once.

However what I’m trying to access is the Currencies Metadata endpoint so that I can index the unique ids that nomics uses for the coins. I’d imagine the Metadata list is much more efficient since pagination is not required for that endpoint.

What I’m trying to confirm here is if the Metadata endpoint is supposed to be available to the free plan? The documentation doesn’t indicate that it is limited to paid plans, but when I try to access it, I get the error:

“You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.”

Trying to use the nomics api without being able to map your unique ids is like shooting in the dark, and quite honestly would make it too difficult to use.

Thanks for the note. The currencies metadata endpoint is no longer available for the free plan. That said, you can get a list of IDs from the currencies ticker. I understand that it takes more requests/time, but this is the best we can do right now with the free plan.

Ok, thank you for clarifying. I was excited about discovering nomics and having an expanded coin list, but because the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko APIs offer their id mapping/metadata endpoints for free I think I’ll have to stick with them for now.

Fantastic. Sounds like you’ve found great alternative solutions.