How to get Currency Names?

Hi question for the API team.

Which endpoint returns asset names? IE: Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Currently it looks like they all return only the symbols, ETH, and BTC I could create my own list with the names, then merge the arrays… but just wondering if there is another endpoint I missed and don’t have to do that… or a key I need to pass in order to get the full names?

Where this is important is with implementing a search that allows users to search asset by full name as well as symbol. IE: How it’s done on right now and my current app which I’m refactoring:

How I’m getting around this now is having to create a large supportAsset list which contains each currency’s name then doing a merge later:

export const supportedAssets = [
    currency: 'BTC',
    name: 'Bitcoin'
    currency: 'ETH',
    name: 'Ethereum'

Great ask. This is coming. Please see here: Correspondence table of symbol and official name

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