How to get hourly charts?

Hello. Just found your website, and started reading your documentation. I would like to build my own system that shows price charts for for major cryptos in different time intervals. Your API seems perfect for me but in your docs i couldn’t find anywhere any api call that offers 1 hour price data i could use for, lets say, “1d BTC price movement” chart.

Is there such an api? I understand that probably i’ll need a paid plan for that, but before i do anything regarding that i need to know which exact API call would give me BTC/USD price movement hour-by-hour for the last 24 hours and also i need to ask if someone can provide me with some response example of such call in JSON format (in order to understand how complex it would be processing that response)

Thanks guys!

Yes, it’s the “Aggregated OHLCV Candles” endpoint. The example in the docs shows how to call it and the response format.

If you are interested in the paid plan for this endpoint you can contact sales from this page:

Thanks for useful information!