How to get more than 100 tickers?

Hi guys,

How to get more than 100 tickers? In API I see 2 fields, page and per-page where per-page has limit 100.
And in documentation by default per-page is 100. If I remove per-page and page steel endpoint return first 100 tickers…

You can only request up to 100 at a time. Then set page=2, page=3, etc to get the next 100 and the next 100.

Is it possible to get the whole list at once ?

No, you are limited to a maximum of 100 currencies at a time.

You can get metadata all at once (with no financial information) here:

Still looking for an easy way to do this… It was possible with the old endpoint! Just a basic ticker/price list.

We can’t seriously be expected to insert a manual query for ALL coins you have listed? That is mental :smiley:

You have 146 pages at the moment…

Also, I’ve noticed you went back to offering free API keys? I had to switch to the 1$ version a couple of weeks ago due to abusive behavior of the free API keys.

How does this free key differ from the old free API key where you had a simple ‘all prices’ endpoint?

Thanks in advance

to be clear: my old key returns a list of all available ticker data and the new key that I pay for just displays 100.


Doesn’t make sense? How long can I expect the old key to work for me like this and how can I achieve the same result with the new key?

Could we please get more than 100 tickers.

The “all prices” endpoint is deprecated and doesn’t currently return all currencies because it was using an old methodology.

We restricted the ticker to 100 results per page to ensure fast response time as the space grows. When we first wrote this endpoint we only had prices for about 1,000 assets and now we have 14,060 priced asssets.

New plans going forward do not get access to deprecated endpoints to help us phase them out.