How to get TickerMetadata using contract address

how to get metadata including asset id using contract address of a token/ coin.

for example i was able to find this contract address “0x0eD7e52944161450477ee417DE9Cd3a859b14fD0” on nomics and pulled all the information of " PancakeSwap V2: CAKE/BNB" from Nomics website but not successful to get the currency/ pair id from API.

How can I pull the information using contract address?

We don’t have direct contract address lookup right now (we’re working on it) but you can get a list of all asset IDs with their address and platform like this:,id,platform_currency_id,platform_contract_address

Please keep in mind you should ensure the platform_currency_id matches the platform you’re searching on, in this case BNB is the currency ID on Nomics for Binance Smart Chain.

thank you so much. I am already using this API and I included the attribute platform_contract_address but the issue is the following:
I can not find the contract address which I am looking for as an example using this API

but when I go to nomics website, I can easily find this contract address.

so the information already available with Nomics but this particular API is not comprehensive or not complete.

i would really appreciate a help in finding the proper API that can be used to fetch the complete information

is there any API for example that fetch such information directly from an exchange

I am attaching screen shot how the information available on Nomics while i can not find the proper API to get it.

Thanks, that is actually a market address, not a token, so you should look it up with the Exchange Markets Ticker: