Huobi Exchange ID


I’m trying to get Huobi exchange volume data.

Do you know the Asset ID for Huobi as “huobi” does not work as the exchange name.



The ID for Huobi Global is huobipro

Thank Nick, is there an index with the complete list of exchange ID’s?

Exchange Metadata is here:

That’s useful but how would I use that to generate a complete list (as believe it requires you to already know the exchange ID).

You query it without an ID and it returns a complete list.

Sorry, can’t seem to get this.

Trying the below code“mykeyhere”


That’s the wrong endpoint. The one I linked to looks like this:


Do you need a premium account to access that as get the following message using my key.

“You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.”

Yes, that’s correct. You can see the response information in our documentation.

Without a commercial account there isn’t much you can do with exchange data. How were you using the exchange IDs in your current use case?

To get exchange volume data, it’s okay I’ve got the ones I need know but imagine this same problem could arise again for free users.