HUOBI PRO exchange candles data


Hi there!
I had read twitter announcement about adding Huobi Pro to API. As i understand exchange candles for Huobi not implemented yet ? If I’m right, can you share an approximate time when it will be? Thanks a lot!

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Hi @moroz! Thanks for checking out our new data! You can find the markets for Huobi Pro on our /markets endpoint here and exchange candles here (day candles for btcusdt as example). Candles for these new exchanges are currently available in 1m, 1h, and 1d intervals. Cheers!


Thanks for very fast reply, @txt !
But i want to say that it’s really confusing. In example from your docs i should provide market in upper case.

Exchange candles for Binance works only with market in upper case and for Huobi it works only in lower case.


Apologies for the confusion here. The market ID is used verbatim from the exchange itself so we follow their naming conventions including capitalization, etc. If you use the /markets endpoint to identify markets for a given exchange, that will always include the correct format for a given market. The intent here is to allow easy correlation with the exchange’s market ID, but we realize this can often cause confusion so we are planning to normalize all market data in V2 of our API in the future. I’ll add a note of clarification to the documentation so hopefully this will be more clear in the meantime. Thanks for the feedback!


The documentation has been updated:



Ok, i understand it.
Thanks for your work!
Good Luck!