ILN/USDC Polgon Price Not updating live

Our coin price shows it traded Recently but if you expand into the trading pair (there is only 1 at the momnent) the trades are hours behind and don’t seam to be live updating. See attched screenshoots. DODO (Polygon) ILN Price - 56.36 USDC | Nomics Kind Regards Liam.

Hi thanks for reporting this. We’re aware of the issue and we’re investigating.

This might help. Nomics seams to be tracking 2 ILN/USD pools from dodo, but there is only one.
In the attched screen shoot it might help understand whats going on.

Yes, we are transitioning away from one API and moving to another, which is going to cause the markets to switch from the old to new version. Hang tight, we will reply here when this is fully resolved.

Thanks for update, have a great weekend

I have a meeting with my team tomorrow, is there any update on when your transitioning to new API will be compleate. Kind Regards. Liam


We’re using the official DODO Polygon subgraph and they are having trouble keeping it synced. We’re investigating whether we can go directly on-chain for this data. We’ll update you as we proceed.

Thanks for update, I will let our team know. Just a note it was working before your transitioning to another API not sure if that will help, Have a great weekend. Kind Regards. Liam

Hi Liam,
I don’t currently see an active market for you on Dodo (Polygon), but the exchange data should be all caught up now:

If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!

I may have found the problim, I am testing now all will let you know if I am Right. Fingers crossed

No luck, I have been running trades for over 24 hours. But still not priced. If you go the ILN/USDC chart page it not updating trades but if you go to ILN/Polygon page it says last trade was recently. Mmmm Attched is screenshoot. Kind Regards Liam

Here on you can see all trades.

I started a new Pool on Dodo polgon ILN/USDT. It is showing on the nomics Ilien (Polygon) Markets (Top 10) on this page Ilien (Polygon) Price, ILN Live Chart, All-Time High & Market Cap (USD) | Nomics but it is not creating a chart or a price. Same as ILN/USDC. So looks like your getting some info fro dodo API. I have a contact in Dodo if you need to ask anything. I also notice on the chart at the end after DODO (Polygon) it says: n/a, n/a, (n/a%) not sure if thats helps. Kind Regards Liam

Hi Liam,
According to DODO’s dashboard, there is volume for ILN/USDT, but DODO’s ticker is returning the price as 0.00000.

At this point, there’s nothing else we can do.

ok i will take it up with them, thanks have a great weekend

Thanks, Liam. You too!

Can you send me you get request to get ILN ticker price so I can pass it on to DODO to see if I can find out whats going on. Kind Regards Liam

I caqn get the price of ILN if I use this.

Any update on this yet ? as dispite resent trades on ILN/USDT; ILN is still not priced (

Is there any thing we can do to help ? Regards Liam From ILN

Hi Liam,

Unfortunately without getting DODO to publish these numbers on their ticker, there’s nothing we can do.

We can’t only use the price from DODO’s router, we also need volume information.