Import NFT collection data to google sheets


Im trying to import data in CSV format for BAYC, for all dates recorded. This task is for a research project

Im using the Apipheny google sheet extension which is supposed to make API requests easier

This is the request im trying to run:*******

For ******** as the free api key provided

So questions are as follows:

  1. Can i import NFT collection data using the free api endpoint or is that why this isnt working?
  2. If I am able to, is this query correct? Am i missing something?

Any guidance would be massively appreciated.
Thank you

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We do not have NFT data. This is pricing data for this ethereum token:

The pricing data is coming from SushiSwap markets:

I don’t believe this token represents the NFT collection in any way. Remember: anyone can make a token and name it anything they want.

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