Importdata function for prices doesn't work new API Google Sheets


This provides me with a N/A error in my Google Sheet for a portfolio tracker setup.

I recently switched to the paid API key for 1$ and received a new key starting with:


My other (old & free) API key worked just fine.

Am I missing something here?

I could provide more details if required.

Kind regards,


/prices is a deprecated endpoint and only available to plans purchased when it was not deprecated.

Alright, clear. I’m looking to achieve the same result in a simple list without obtaining a whole dataframe.

Why depreciate an endpoint that worked wonders for a simple purpose like a portfolio tracker.

The underlying methodology was unable to price all assets. The Currencies Ticker is able to price many more assets and provide more data. If you’d like to minimize the amount of data returned, you can set interval=false.

Hello Nick , thanks for the update.

Since I’m not a true dev, could you help me getting the call right.


The call seems to work but Google Sheets wants me to add 2080 more columns, not gonna happen. If I add “&ids=BTC” and test again I get the sheet populated for BTC data in a JSON format, not csv, though it is specified as such.

I just need a plain list of two columns, tickers on the left and prices on the right - in .csv format. I’m using Google Sheet for a public portfolio tracker and promoting the nomics API.

I could wrangle with the API to produce what I want in RStudio but that’s a personal project and people should be able to do it themselves after they purchase your 1$ API.

Thanks a lot in advance, would appreciate the assistance as I already had some people message me it didn’t work with their new key :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Max,

Unfortunately we don’t support CSV on the currency ticker because of the added complexity of its functionality and response types. I don’t think we have a simple CSV prices endpoint that could work for you. We understand folks want to be able to use Google Sheets with Nomics data directly, but unfortunately Google Sheets has also been reducing their dynamic data importing functionality over time and we saw less and less demand for this feature due to it.

My best suggestion would be to write a middleware application that would format our data in the structure you want to make it easier for folks to use the data with your portfolio tracker.