Incorrect market price on certain exchanges


I have noticed some incorrect price inconsistency among certain exchanges, especially with Coinex. (example)

=> Nomics website (and API) reports a price of 0.00002109 USDT
=> While the price on Coinex exchange is listed as 0.9970 USDT.

Other exchanges are also reporting a similar price around 1USDT, so clearly Coinex data is wrong.
Why is there such a huge difference between exchange data and your data?

I have noticed you have flagged this as “excluded”, but failed to find out what this actually means. Based on what do you flag something “price_exclude = true” ?

Thank you for your help,

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We see these spikes directly via the CoinEX API all the time. They have a spike of data like this either high or low by an order of magnitude or more, and then on the next request it is gone. Due to these irregularities on CoinEX data we have excluded almost all of their markets from affecting the prices on assets.

The issue is already resolved on our side since the spike was very fast: