Individual coin price from API

We are designing a web based app which will have the user enter the cryptocurrency ticker symbol of choice for a current price. For example, user enters “BTC” and the price of “$51,800” is displayed.

I have been using the currencies/ticker extension and it seems to provide price results for all cryptocurrency tickers. When reading the API Documentation, I see the “ids” option in the query parameters but can this be a user defined entry? I am only in need of current price. Charts, candle wicks, etc. is unnecessary at this time.

No, it must be a Nomics ID. I recommend implementing it as a “search” over the data in the Currencies Metadata Endpoint then allowing the user to pick a search result, then using the Nomics ID in your app’s URL to show the currency and use that for the Currencies Ticker endpoint. This is what we do on

very good. thank you. i’m going to research the Metadata Endpoint information now.