Kyber Exchange volumes are wrong big time

Compare that with

Hi @herveh1, thanks for reaching out to us. When you get a second, could you resend the link to Yours goes to a 404 page. Once I can see what you mean, I’ll be able to get this to the right person. Thanks again for your help.

Sure, follow this link

click on 24H please, you will see that your figures are not correct at all

Hope it helps


Hi Herve,

Thanks so much for the report. We’ve identified the issue and we’re working on fixing it. When the fix is complete we’ll let you know.

Nick Gauthier
CTO @ Nomics

Hi Herve,

We’ve addressed the issue, removed the bad data and started ingesting new data from Kyber. In the coming days, our numbers will more and more closely match theirs.

Thanks again for the report!


you’re welcome. thanks for making a good product !

happy new year